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This has been the third visit with my 10-year-old daughter since transferring from the Tucson Arizona area. I am so amazed and very very pleased with the professionalism of all staff members. The Staff has made my daughter so comfortable, she is at ease as we check-in and she leaves with a happy smile. I was impressed by watching the staff communicate and engage with one another in order to accomplish their goals, I am one satisfied parent. Thank you very much, doctors and staff members.


Wonderful experience! Our daughter is only 18 months old and they made us as comfortable as possible and explained everything very well. They were quick and didn’t force our daughter to do anything she didn’t want to do. Awesome friendly staff!


My kids are new patients in this office and I would definitely recommend this place I took my 3 children here i was happy on how the staff worked together how they treated my kids, couldn't of choosen better place to go 😊 And the doctor was very nice also I would give them more stars if I could I was satisfied with the service they received!


I absolutely love this place. My 3 year old needed 2 silver crowns, the doctor made the best decision to fill his cavities. He was such a big boy! 2 crowns avoided and fillings. # here's to brushing and flossing! Thank you, Everyone!

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